My boring hol (week 2)

Overall, my life in this week can only be describe with the word SIEN...

Day 1

walked up and down (aimlessly) in my home for the whole morning. Good way to waste my time away. After we prepared everything, the journey started. I didn't get to sleep for 3 hours continuously. 1st of all it was because 3 of us were trying to a very weird position?! (somehow..overlapping each other. XD). 2ndly it was because we stopped by at Melacca! It had been years since i last visited this state of Malaysia, even though i went back to kampung about..3 times in a year. Anyway, we walked around in the town and had our dinner here:

Yea.. We ate "Hai Nan Chicken Rice". It was nice! And the shop was well decorated and furnished in a very tradisional style. Even the place to wash our hands was very unique. That was why me and my brothers were quite "excited" to go to wash our hands?! (jakun..jakun...) Right after that we went to shop along the "Ji Chang Jie" (the street where this restaurant was located), and started to eat something else again.. =.=!! Continued our journey around 7.30pm but reached grandma's hse at about 10++... Cz of the stupid traffic jam.. =.=!!

Day 2

Nothing much happened. Just flipped through my cousin's old books and discovered that he(s'poreans) actually learnt The Pearl too, but it was in Sec3. Whoa. Went out for shopping in the evening but it was still BORING BORING AND BORING.


Aunt came over and brought Cadbury for us. Yeah!! Cho-co-la-te!!!! Muhahahaa..... Went out to cut my hair in tha evening, but it wasn't the hairstlye i originally wanted. According to the fella, i need to straighten my hair to "fulfil my dreams"... Suan liao lo.... =.=!!


Woke up earlier cz we were going to mom's old hometown in Endau.. Ok, i thought i would have the chance to have some "kampung lifestlye" like going to river and go for fishing (ok, i'm not the only one. My brothers had the same thought as me). But omigosh. it was so BORING there. I thought there would be something for me to gotong royong (just to complete my moral's kerja kursus) but no.. there was nothing for me to clean up. =.=!! Apparently my uncles already cleaned up that house. Wanna dig out my mom's old stuffs but there was nothing much to be dig out, too. Only some old photos were available.
The boring evening was spent in the hotel, SLEEPING. =.=!! The guys went out to lepak, and i joined them after i woke up. Uncle came over later on and started to "give adult-speeches", i.e. topic that made kid like us sat quietly aside and just listen to them bla-bla-bla their own. So we took some stupid photos just to fill up the time..

3 sakai-s faking smiles. XD

Had our seafood dinner later on. Sailed into slumber land after that.


Accompanied mom and grandma to the pasar. But the pasar here starts its business relatively late compared to here. Bought some kuih-s. Yumm... Went to another uncle's house later on and sat quietly aside, AGAIN, to listen to the "adult-talks", AGAIN. =.=!! Dad brought us to the beach nearby later on. Beach. Forever nice. Forever serene. I LOVE BEACH! (Did i mention my dream b4? I wanna spend few days at beach ALONE, sit on the white sand, feel the breeze, take lots and lots of photo, or even paint the scenery down, collecting sea shells~~ Aww~But of cz, not now, with SPM after 15x days from now on. =.=!) Yet, it was very very sunny out here that time, so we couldn't spent many hours at this spot. After having dinner (in the same restaurant like the day b4).. And guess what me and my bro-s discovered? Ice can really cause oils to solidify VERY FAST (in about 2-3 seconds). Whoa! And the product was wax-like substances like this:

Ok. It was quite geli for us to play with the remaining foods, and you guys might know about this long time ago. i admit i was quite jakun at times. XD. Headed back to the hotel but WTH, no electric supply? o.O? But we still went to sleep.. =P


Headed back to Skudai. Stopped by at Mersing to buy some stuffs. Another boring journey for 2-3 hours.. haih.... Went to visit my lil cousins, Xiao Hui and QiQi. But..but... BUT.. Both of them like.. no mood? Or itzit because that they (or rather be the elder Xiao Hui) were attracted to the tv? I don't know.. She just dowan to play with me.. sobx sobx.... Takkan she forgot me just because we didn't meet with each other since CNY.. =.=!!


Went to visit my grandpa (father side) in Kulai. Mom bought a cake to celebrate Fathers Day earlier with grandpa. Lil cousins did not came over cz they gotta go to somewhere else.. T_T Spent whole evening watching 10,000 BC. The movie was quite boring in the beginning (i almost fed up and planned to turn off the dvd player, since i was already moodless. XD), but it was quite nice near the ending part. Ha ha. But still, it was a boring evening.. haih haih haih......


Finally!! Finally it was the day to go home.. wahahaah!!!! Again i did not sleep for 3 hours (in fact. i didn't sleep at all). I realise it was very hard to sleep with that 2 sakai-s around. Sometimes really dono wanna sot with them, laugh with them, or scold them. =.=!! Sat in front of the computer (highly semangat-ed. It has been a week since i last touch my comp leh!!!) But WTH, my comp lag like hell. That was why sy saw me keep dc-ing. My comp was sick or angry? Ha ha..

Dengan ini, berakhirlah holiday saya~~~