Today, b4 i start to blog about my horrible-being-zat-kao-kao week, i would like to introduced my blog readers ONCE AGAIN with their funny faces. XD

Nie The Sheep. Photo taken in 2008. B4 she cut her hair. XDKeith. Photo taken by Ju (perhaphs) using my camera. This is his fans club's logo. Wootz.
Sheen Yeen aka Snoopy aka Small Kid. Photo taken during Form4. Typical Small-Kid look. XD Jacky aka Jackyeen (muahaha..). Photo taken by Men during Hari Pelanggan. Obviously he was not ready yet. LOL.
Men the Tree Stump aka Sesat Queen. Photo taken... during f2 or f3? i don't know cz sy sent me this just yesterday.. xD Ckk aka lilili with his blur face. Not captured by me as well. Wakaka...

Peh Peh. Captured during Form 3. The person beside her was me. She was pointing at the camera. Anything weird with da cam, eh? xD

I do not have funny photo of Audrey and SL. And i lost the only funny photo of my pet sis, Ai Wen. LOL

Did i miss out anyone? i hope not... =D

Dont kill me... Sharing is caring mah... XD


Anyway, as mentioned in the first sentence i typed in this post, this week was a horrible-being-zat-kao-kao week of mine.

Apparently SL was admitted to the hospital due to dengue fever. And the guys like keith & ckk started to blah out the "procedures" that i'm suppose to follow if i go to visit him in the hospital. Eg: start from cook porridge [Look at me! I never even try to fried an egg b4. Porridge?!], peel fruits to more ahem-ahem stuffs. *Speechless..*

And when they zat me once again in front of Pn Ong, guess what she said?

"eh, den how about Ji Kin?"

*Speechless* x2....

I felt like banging my head to the wall but the wall was located too far from me. So i bang my ead to the table instead. LOL

Why am i being associated with guys that i dont like at all in my whole Form 5 life, eh? ><


Apart of being zat, i actually zat-ed Hui En as well. And due to this, she told sheen yeen that she do not want to talk to me anymore.. But what happened was.....

On the following morning, she spoke to me, after looking at my face for less than 5 seconds.

Like i told sy, Patty Raj would forget about this for SURE.. *claps...* xD


Went to SJMC to visit SL on Thursday. At first there should be 3 girls and 5 guys. But after discussing here and there, it became 4 girls, i.e me,Nie,Patty and Snoopy.

They continued to bully me and crapped even though there were parents around us.

When SL mentioned about SMC [Selangor Medical Centre], Patty Slow actually thought of Sri Muda Corner. OMIGOSH.

Eat Thosai Bawang to cure dengue fever, eh?

And oh ya, the most important thing of the day was I AM TALLER THAN MISS CHEW SHEEN YEEN!!!

We compared our height [shoeless] in the HOSPITAL and it was proved that i was taller than SY, even though just by a little.

And Aunty Cheryl [Nie's mom] said that even though the height of mine and sy was almost the same, i looked like a teenager while sy looked like a SMALL KID.

Thx Aunty!!!! WAhahahahaah.....


I removed my Twitter cz the IDIOT in my house hacked it for more than 1 time continuously.

And what's the last crap that he sent using my phone?

"Snoopy DAMM noob"

Ok, sy, u are welcomed to kill this silly bro [the form 1 one] of mine. peace.


Did something different on today.

#1, i had my breakfast at SMC today, when normally i would have it in my house b4 i come to school.

#2, i had my breakfast with my 2nd bro (only) outside the house. LOL

Anyway, we had this activity called Deria game [not The-Real game. xD] today during girl guides meeting. i should be taking over the task to jaga the pendengaran station, yet the radio couldn't recognise the file sy burnt in the cd, so the whole station has to be cancelled.. (T.T). So, i became the runner and it was actually quite fun to run around like this... kehehe....

And we had a good time with the fake- kat zat as well..

Hormat, hormat, ke Kat Zat.. HORMAT!!