Thanks to the HELP scholarship, I'm suffering with headache now..

Yet, even myself can not explain why am i having such feeling....

Because, it's a ABSOLUTE FACT that i will not get the scholarship...

If u would say that, "Hey, u are like damn smart, sure can get one de larh~"

Crap. I can tell u. Crap. Cz nowadays, ppl with all A1's are everywhere and "tong gai dou hai" (in Cantonese)

And they asked for mid term's result instead of.. SPM?!

This particular requirement has shown that the academic achievement is not that important, after all... compared to.....


Oh yea. Look at me. LOOK AT ME! Do i look like someone that, erm, have leadership?!

I'm holding the post as AJK in Girl Guides. And that was nothing.

Maybe once upon a time, i was a penolong bendahari or a penolong setiausaha.

Full stop..

Hell. So why am i feeling so worried about that piece of paper?

Or more precisely, feeling worried about how to complete that BLOODY ESSAY?!

I don't know. Seriously, i don't know.

Maybe i feel that it is my "responsibility" to grab this golden opportunity and do not just "cin cai" fill up the form..


Life, is always full of craps.

Oh yea, i realise i really do have weak self-discipline...

I told myself that i need to do something to improve my like-shyt English, cz this language will be very very (or rather, EXTREMELY) important for me if i really do pursue my dream at overseas.

Plus, i told myself to improve my Chinese essay's writing skill as well, cz i dont want to have this subject as the "blot of the landscape" in my SPM cert.

And yet. I failed. Owing to my laziness. Owing to my easy-to-feel-sien-ness.

I feel like a failure. I just cannot control myself from slacking. And WTH, SPM is like... 130++ days to go...?!

What da....

I know i need to do something. i know i know i know!!!!

But i just cant achieve what i want! You know, the feeling that you think you can reach the goal if u really put an affort in it, yet u did not do so.

That feeling sucks, right?

And that's exactly how i feel now. Having h/w piled up on my table, yet i'm sitting down here, blogging.....

ASEAN Scholarship offered for medic are limited to 250 in NUS. Once again, Crap.

Mayb what some ppl said was right.

As well as u can live happily, whatever job u are working as, it doesn't really matter.


Ignore me. I'm sort of having mentally imbalance today. ><
Btw, let's change the gloomy mood and look at the pictures in the post below. Maybe they can cheer you (or, me) up. =]