Hari Pelanggan?!

Actually, there was nothing scary about Hari Pelanggan. Why are the students so afraid until they cut off the banner? xD

Anyway, mom came over to take my report card at 8++. Before that we conteng-ed the blackboard by a little.. A LITTLE only cz the afternoon kids had decorated the blackboard b4 us. Mandy drew Vampire-PaoS on the board. LOL.

And hmm. Yasmin said my mom was cute cz she was in pink. LOL....XDD.. Since i was a good girl and there was nth much to be complained (ahem.. ahem....), i chao-ed after i sat down for less than 5 minutes. XD

Came back to school again at around 12++ for OMK. I thought Men and Yeen were staying back so i went up and down to search for them. From our classroom to 4 sc 1 until the staffroom, but i still could not get a glimpse of their figure. And finally i found Pn Ong at her place. Phew...

Oh ya, i am not going to study hard for OMK this time. Since we were in Pasukan Sulong this time, competing with the Form 6's, the probability to win is almost 0. So just go there to have fun tommorow. Wakaka...

Back to school. After the OMK session, few of us went to the main gate to wait for our parents to come over and take our sis/bro's report card. Out of boredome, we started to sing this: "Sini bukan SMK Bukit Kemuning, Sini SMK Kota Kemuning, Kalau awak nak pergi ke SMK Bukit Kemuning, sila pergi ke tempat lain......." OK, we were just too bored.

So we continued to wait and wait and FINALLY mom came. I hate to wait. This can explain why was i so excited to see my mom in school today (for 2 times. lol). But the boredom did not ended here. In fact, the worst part was awaiting us. Apparently, even though mom reached school at 2.35 (session suppose to start at 2.30), but she got no.17. In the other word, parents of half of the students in 1 Aranda actually reached VERY EARLY. So we waited and waited again, and i was so bored till i started to sms people. Wahaha... (it's wrong to use phone in school, but my school time is over, so who cares.)

Cz of over-sien, mom and i decided to walk around the school compound to "waste our time while waiting". I passed my bag to my bro so that he could keep for me, but he replied me with the word "No" for more than 5 times. As expected, i thought. Until now i still couldn't figure out WHY my bro must act cool and pretend i am a stranger to him in school. Even when i said "hi" to him, he gave me a ignoring glance. He did not feel proud at all to have a sis like me or what? Was he ashamed cz his sis was NOT PRETTY ENOUGH? [in fact, my bro actually told me (indirectly) that his friends think that I'm not pretty. But outside look is something which is cannot be changed right? Besides, his friends are just a WHOLE BUNCH OF NOOBS THAT ONLY KNOW ABOUT GAMES. Noobies.] Who cares what noobs talked about. Gee.

And can u imagined this? Mom waited for my report card for less than 30 minutes but for my bro? It took about 2 bloody hours. Omigosh. I could not be sms-ing that long, esp with thunders above me, i did not want my phone to be dipetir kilat. xD And expected (too), bro got many complains from his teacher. About his laziness, duh.

And he got nagged during the whole dinner. Dad was planning to ban him from mapling. Great.

I knew it was unfair to compare his result with mine, but he really gotta try harder next time, not jz sambil lewa again.

Same advice for myself, as well. =P