Group Study, anyone?

This thought had been stucked in my mind for a few days and i too dont know why it is so.

I think, we should start to do group studies from now onwards.

First of all, SPM is not like PMR. SPM is trully a future-deciding examination. It will bring us to a different destination and different future. As for PMR, even though you dont score well, you'll hav the chance to have a better try in form4.

But for SPM, sorry, you dont.

Ok. i'm scaring myself as well. LOLx

What i think is we can gather at one place (in someone's hse, or even in school, but it'll be harder) and disscuss about something together.

Subjects that (i think) are suitable for this will be Bio and Chemistry.

We can take turns to become the "teacher". The "students" can get better understanding through the more-detailed explaination (since we are friends, we can bla alot. xD) and the "teacher" will too gain benifits. When you explain something to someone else, you are actually memorising the facts even better. Ha ha.

As for maths, add maths, physics, and acc, mayb we can get the same book and try out the same exercise. After that, we can disscuss about the questions that we do not understand.

Sejarah and Moral are pure memorising subjects. So i dont think we need to group study that.

For language subjects, which i suck the most.. (T_T), we cant get much improvement through group study too. What we can do are read more & write more... (gah. tau cakap but tak tau buat. aiks....)

And why shall we start all these so early? Cz i personally think that we should self-study at last minute as only we know which particular chapters that we are weak at. It will be different for different person.

Plus, the aim of group study is to clear the doubts on certain chapters.. haaa.....

So, who wanna start this plan from now onwards? =D

p/s: gah. this post sounds so.... serious and book-wormed. LOL.