Forever asS family! XD

As you can see....

This Forever 'asS' family was formed on 12/6/08, during... BM! while the others were totalling up our marks. XD
I should be Forever Blur. But they said that the word after "forever" should start form letter "s".
So, due to my enthusiasm towards add maths, i put the name "Forever S.O.R_P.O.R", which stands for Sum Of Roots & Product of Roots, and also "crazy woman". LOL
It should be a very nice & "yeng" name..
until THEY created a stupid + speechless equation, which, i DONT WANT TO TYPE IT OUT HERE.
Plus, they forced me to take the picture of that OMG equation b4 they rub it off...
OMG, it was like.. asking me to commit suiside?!
Hmm.. maybe not that serious but it was similiar..LOL
Anyone else wanna join our family? =D
Teachers had been giving out our exam papers these days. As conclusion, i really really REGRET for taking Chinese as one of my SPM subject. It is the "BLACK SHEEP".LOL
I admit i love Chinese the most among the 3 languages..
But doesn't mean that i hav to risk my future for Chinese right? LOL
And oh ya, i'm getting more and more "pokai" these days..
Money was spent on everywhere..
NiE, metriculation form, Chinese Association's T-shirt.....
I can get the money from my parents if i wan.. (in fact, i ady "lend" RM10 from mom, and not planning to pay it back. XD)
But it was my own business, i feel quite guilty for keep using their money anyway...
I'm so poor.. my money box is so empty.. ahhh....
And oh ya. SMK Bukit Kemuning has been changed into SMK Kota Kemuning since.. i dont know when..
Now our school's name become very yeng..
"Where are you from?"
"I'm from SMK³. Cool?"
If u are still in blur state, SMK³ = SMKKK = short cut for SMK Kota Kemuning.
Now ppl wont be confused betweent the 2 BKs (Bukit Kemuning and Bukit Kuda).
But i've been using SMKBK for almost 5 years wor.... =.=