Cooking Day~~~ wee~ XD

It has been so long since we last had our koko. =.=! Perhaps for.. months? Anyway, the teachers went for meeting from 8-10am, so we actually hav to sit at tapak perhimpunan and wait for the time to pass? No no.. we were not that stupid. XD So we went to the grassy spot behind canteen to set up the place for cooking! yay~ Some went to collect twigs while some (like me & yeen) made "holes" on the ground (as fire place).
Gah. We completed posters on "Saving the Environment" yesterday, and today we were disturbing the ecosystem of insects which live in the soil. XD
I'm so sure of this because when i removed that chunk of soil, i saw MANY INSECTS underneath there, busy escaping from a monster like me (wakaka..). And looking at this, SY suddenly screamed and ran away. I was still ok with the insects, so i continued with my job, until something hit my butt, and SY (who came back beside me) screamed for the 2nd time and ran away again. All these stimuli were delivered to my spinal cord, so i jerked and screamed too. =.=! Apparently it was a FROG. SY screamed cz she thought it was a mouse. But it was a FROG! Plus, it was a frog that kissed my butt. =.=! Prince Frog won't kiss people's butt right.. So this is not my Prince. XDD [btw, i was wondering, is this the extra frog that we released after frog dissection? =D]

SY and Pehge. Acting a movie? XD

Anyway, it was still early when we finished digging out the soils. Feeling bored, someone came out with the idea to GO INTO THE BIG DRAIN, like this:

Peace with the big longkang. Oh yea, i too went into the drain later on. And I almost cannot come out. ALMOST. But since there is the existance of this post, this proved that i am still OK, cz i'm still able to sit in front of my comp, blogging. =.=!!

Human could do many stupid and creative things at time of boredome. What you can see here was one of them. TRAFFIC LIGHT IN THE DRAIN. Cool eh? XD Wonder why we have to put traffic light in the DRAIN. For tadpoles inside there, perhaps?

After coming out from the drain, we sat down and started to sing. Best way to spend our leisure time. Ha ha. And because of that, we found this in the drain:

Plant. Not a small plant. But a big unknown plant. And it has arrenchyma cells! Spongy arrenchyma cells. =D

We continued waiting until teacher and the other girl guides came over to gather. For this time, we have to prepare a dish with fish and make roti lilit. Teacher demonstrated how to "tong yu" (lol. influenced by Ee Cheng. XD) and some girls keep on "eww"-ing. LOL.

The girl guides were divided into 4 groups, but it ended up to be 5 groups. Yea, we were the extra ones. =.=! And for the first time in my life, i cleaned up a fish. Er. Not "a". I took out the organs of 2 fish. Luckily Sam was around to help (or more precisely, teach) me. Or else the fish were gonna appear in my dream tonight saying "apala lu, i sacrificed myself but you are so dungu that u wasted all my myotome muscles." Hm. Ok. I'm childish. LOLx.

Besides, a person which is phobia to blood couln't actually try this out. Cz after i took out the internal organs, my hands were so bloody, as if i just carried out an operation. lol.

While we were busy doing our stuffs... Look at what SY did...:

SY, in her nest. With her egg. XD

Dono-who said that during primary school, SY used to be the most mature and the "dai ka che" among us. As we grown up, SY slowly become the childish Xiao Hai Zi among us. True. This is so true. XD

Note: She used to be the tallest among us when we were still in primary school, and now she is the shortest / 2nd shortest among us. XDD

Ok.. ok.. stop bullying her... wakaka...

Anyway, our food get cooked relatively fast compared to the others cz we were using teacher's fire. WAHAHA. We used the fire to cook our fish and roti lilit. Mandy used the fire to "panggang" her sweet potato. Ha ha. Anyway, our fish tasted great! The 1st one was cooked with black pepper sause. It was nice cz of the sause. XD For the 2nd one, we stuffed onions, garlic and ginger into the fish. And it tasted like steam fish! ha ha.. Overall the fish was considered a success, esp for people which seldome (or never) cook like us. LOL.

Our roti lilit!! =D

The roti lilit was nice too! Esp for the hangus part, cz it was very crispy and taste like biscuit.. yum yum.....

cooking gang. yea~

WE HAD FUN~ !! ^^V