Colour Blind?

Can you see what's the number shown in the figure above?

How bout this?

If you still cannot figure out what the hack is this, i guess u are having the same problem with my youngest bro KF, i.e. COLOUR BLINDNESS.

No wonder he said the green snail in Maple is black in colour,

And my 2nd bro's grey colour shirt is in dark green in colour........

And after this test, we can thus comfirm that he REALLY has colour-blindness. LOL.

He doesn't sounds like joking when he stare at the picture for a very long time, and keep on saying "Got number meh? Na li you!!", while me and my 2nd bro keep on laughing at him. XD

Luckily he still can recognise the colour of the traffic lamp. lolX.