sleepy sleepy sleepy..

planned to blog about the camp.
but i am very sleepy now..
like usual, after i come back from the camp,
i took a long long bath..
the, ignoring the sleep-after-meal-will-make-u-fat-lol facts,
i threw myself on my comfy bed after lunch and SLEEP..
For.. 7 hrs (1.30-8.30)
and i woke up just because my mom, who just came back from shopping,
woke me up, wondering why i still havent had my dinner yet..
after blur-blurly had my dinner,
and blur-blurly watched Guess Guess Guess
and blur-blurly sitting in front of the comp now..
once again, i am VERY SLEEPY..
Sheen Yeen, another 17 hrs and 35 minutes? =D
+ post on kem integrasi 2008 will be coming soon. stay tune. XD +