Slacking No.2

Hmm. since there's still some time b4 i gotta bac my dinner, lets waste some time here. Lol.

Overall. I'm doomed. My Add Maths. OMG.

OMG no1:
i get my 1st question wrong. I wrote "one-to-many" instead of "Many-to-many". Damn it. I can make such a silly mistake. Ugh

Omg no2:
The feeling when you know you did something wrong but u couldn't get to correct it. Yea. I experienced it. When i substitute the value of t into the Area of triangle thingy, i couldn't get the value provided by question. Tried to trace the mistake but it was too late. Damn it once again. Argh. And i repeated the same thing during Physic. Another careless mistake cz of "descending" and "ascending" thingy. > . <..

OMG no.3:
I think i mistaken "segment" and "sector", or vice versa. WTH.

OMG no4:
Not enough time. For both papers. I thought it would be enough time for physics. But when i was at question No.20++ and glanced my watch. WTH. 20++ minutes left! Argh.

As the result, when i was discussing the Add Maths ans with the other, i actually ended up sobbing. Hmm. not funny. I was really tense. Really really tense. Even though, ok, add maths quiz was indeed harder, but that's QUIZ. And this is EXAM. Shyt. Don't ask me why do i have to cry when i didn't even get my result. I was just so stressed up.

I did mention that i need someone / something to make me laugh so that i can release my tension. But there was nothing funny at that time. So i took the alternative: tears.

Hmm. Da 2nd time in 2008.

Grow up la, Yi Ting... > . <

gtg. I dont have enough tears for everyday. So i better start my Bio And Physics revision now.

Damn Examinations.