Re-decorated study corner and my holiday (week 1. lol)

I actually started to tidy up my horrible study corner (with one whole stack of books at one corner, which can fall off anytime, thanks to exam..) after the 2nd week of exam. No more semangat for my Phy3, Bio1 and PJK (?!). After facing the study corner for about one year, it's the time to change! Supposedly i should re-decorate the wall during holiday, but i already started to peel off everything b4 Kem Perdana. lolx

Before peeling off. IT'S BLACK BLACK BLACK!! XD
Anyway, can u see the word on it?
Here's a better look of it...

*photo taken in 2007*
MAPLE ROX. WTH. My maple chac, poor oOHahaPooOo is currently hibernating for 6 months and planned to continue doing so. XD

Wonder why lar i so crazy about maple last time.

Last year, 2007, during this time, ah nie was enjoying her trip in England and i was playing my maple charc and her maple charc alternately, almost for every night, until late night.

This year, 2008, again i online for almost every night until late night, not for maple, but for MEETOTO.. XD

What'll happen next year? =D

Ok.. ok.. back to the topic..this is what happend to my study corner after i re-decorated it:

Comment on the background:

=> KY (2nd bro): u wanna copy the fei lun hai and S.H.E's "xin wo" 's MV itzit?
Ans: that is colourful. Mine is only 3 colours. zadao.

=> KF (youngest bro): u wanna copy the tv stations itzit (esp local ones, during early in the morning, when there're no programme yet, they'll put a rainbow colour stuffs with that "tut---" sound)
Ans: o.O? that one is rainbow colour leh, colour blind! (my bro memang colour blind. For the lvl1 green snail in maple, he said that it was black in colour. lolx)

But anything la.. i know it is kinda kinergarden-nish. Stay young mah.. (or stay childish?!)

And if u are wondering why the bottom part is so empty, this is why:

After placing all my beloved "rubbish" on my table again. So there's no point sticking something at the bottom part of the wall..

And tada! this is the overall look of it~

Look at my large time table.. XD

And why was the window so opaque at the right side and so transparent at another side?

This is because the things behind the opaque window is FOREVER MESSY no matter how i tidy it up.

so i think this is the best way to hide it. o.O?

*end of story for study corner*

If u are already half asleep when u read until here, sorry lar, i really dont have much interesting stuffs to blog about in the holidays.

My life = wake up-breakfast-help mom in kitchen-bathe-read newspaper-go sleep again-daydream-lunch-online awhile-do whatever that is important(eg: chemistry folio)-sport+tv-dinner-badminton with my bro-bathe-tv-daydream-online till almost 2.

Boring right?

If i continue with this kinda life for a year, i can be certify as "宅女" ady (erm. english translation: house-girl?! or something like nerdy-girl)

For those who are reading this, dont forget your kerja kursus moral and chemistry project. XD

And i'm currently in love with any song which is piano-based. WHY MY PARENTS DIDN'T SEND ME TO LEARN PIANO WHEN I WAS YOUNG? Or hmm. Learning piano without going for exam. Piano exam looks stressful. XD

And i want to cut my hair~ when will my mom bring me out to saloon???? > . < ! !

And i want camp's photo!!!

And what happend to my mic?? why itzit so soft???


I shall end my crappy post here. XD

~ Cheerz~