My Sunday's Life.. LOL

" i was squatting down at somewhere..somewhere that doesn't look like my class..
Pn Rahimah came in.. with the exam papers in her hand..
she handed out one of the paper to me...
everyone had that surprise and dissapointed look on me..
i stared at the paper..
gosh. i got 69 only. 69. it was not even an B3......

Poof. I woke up. And found my eyes wet. o.O?
Ok.. Ok.. it was just a dream! a dream! (relief sigh..)
dont scare myself.. phew..phew.. it was just a dreammmmm....

LoL. how could i dreamt about my CHEMISTRY paper at about 8 in the morning. Ishh...

Hmm.. whatever it is. Today is a Sunday that i need not to worry about the exam on the following day. Oh yea~~ So i made sandwitches for my brothers (but oops. they were too salty. Should listen to my mum and don't add salt. Since Planta is already salty. XD)

Later on, i went to look for the news paper. But this was what i saw:

LOL. No. My parents were not planning to paint the house. Err. Not with TODAY's newspaper, indeed.

Apparently the stupid newspaper man simply threw the newspaper to my house and it landed OUTSIDE MY HOUSE instead of inside the house. And i was raining this morning. And my newspaper got all wet. > . <

So, my dad was trying to dry them up. Imagine i had to somehow jump from one place to another, in my pyjamas, just to read the newspaper. LOL. macam orang gila.

Later in the evening, i was trying to get an afternoon nap, yet i only get to do so for like..10 minutes? My brothers was noisy like hell. I mean it, LIKE HELL. They can just blah non-stop with their BCMT (Bloody Crappy Maple Talk) right beside me. Argh! Even though i screamed at them, they just ignored me, and continue to blah. "That thing can sell for 4.5m lar!" "My party leader damn stupid. diu~" Omg.. I JUST WANNA SLEEP LA! CAN'T THEY JZ SHUT UP? This is what happend when u got 2 brothers. 2 brothers are more than enough,for sure. If i got the 3rd one, i'll become crazy with 3 trumpets blazing beside me. Ahhh...

Fine..Fine.. After that we went out for shopping (like usual). And dad bought the "Ah Long" DVD. Yay~ So spent 2 hours watching that movie. Hmm. Over all, it was quite funny (s'pore style la, like usual) but doesn't really convey much meaningful message. Well, except the last part, where the daughter of one of the victim seeked revenge on them. The other parts were jsut watch-and-forget. Ha ha.

And that conclude my Sunday's life~ lol....