Kem Integrasi 2008 (a long post indeed. take ur time plz. XD)

Well, after coming back from school for Teacher's Day, i get ready and waiting for the clock to struck 12. Suddenly Sheen Yeen told me that she couldn't take the cardboard from Nie's shop so i offered to help her. But oops, mom was doing something. So after rushing from house to Nie's shop and then school, i was still LATE for acc class. Oh, whatever. So spent that sleep+moodless 2 and a half hours in bilik seminar for acc class and finally it was 4.30. Actually i was not that semangat to camp oso lar.

Btw, since we were late for the taklimat keselamatan of the camp, our luggage escaped from being checked. LOL. After that we went to the teacher's car park and build our tent. But WTH, they insist that we could only had 3 person in one tent. DAMN. 4 of us (and a few of the others who had planned to sleep together as 4) were in dilemma. Should we break the rules and get markah penalty? Finally we decided that Yeen & MenMen would take one tent while me and En would take another one, together with a form1 girl, Sheen Huei [our mei mei in girl guides] Later on we headed to the canteen and had our dinner. Damn joker lar the teachers. They wanted to distribute the chicken nicely and evenly to everyone (insisted that 1 person can only have 1 chicken. LOL) and we were not provided with fork and spoon. WTH. They want us to eat with our hand? Hey! We are Chinese, and that's not our culture OKAY? Luckily after making some noise we finally got our fork and spoon. Phew. And oh ya, we had to wash our own plates and cups. But u know lar, the school basin could flood easily, and the others just ignore the extremely DIRTY water and continue washing their plates in the water. EWW! I wondered how in da hell their digestive system gotta work. Their hydrochloric acid must be very strong. They were even soaps on the plates. ewww....

Later on the Muslims went for they praying session and we had our so-called activity moral. So we headed to the Bilik Seminar and woot! got leng lui~ Apparently one of the Miss Malaysia India and another woman came and had a talk on self-esteem. And ya, i regretted for yelling Hui En's name when the leng lui asked for volunteers to act out something. Cz instead of choosing Hui En 1st, she choose me. o.O? Zadao me..... And the guys did not waste this golden opportunity to take photo with her. Some of them even tic-toed just to look taller beside the model-height Miss Malaysia. Hohoho...

Right after that, we gathered in the dewan serbaguna and everyone (including of all badan beruniform) were divided into groups. I was in kumpulan kuda. Damn. Other than me, there was only one Chinese in the group, and that was our mei mei, Sheen Huei. The others were all Malays.. > . < ! !. I hated one of the guy in the group cz somehow he wanna differentiate both of us from the others by regarding us as "Yang Cina tu". Zadao me. After that the teacher asked the groups to design their own logo, flag, and song. Since none of us know exactly how to draw a horse, so we just simply draw, ended up having a cute horse head and horse tail which look more like tupai's tail (thanks to me. XD) And the group's song, it was damn LAME. Seriously. They just simply created a toneless song, and u know lar, with those kinda Malay style.. But i was lazy (and got no semangat) to create another one. So don’t care lar. Just follow the lame song. After that, the teachers asked us to blind-fold our eyes and gave each group a string. We had to walk around in the school compound (in groups) with that string. Btw, i peeped. XD. Not that i wanted to! Cz there was one part when i walked and walked and suddenly, eh? i was blocked by something and couldn't proceed any further. So i peeped and realise i was at the pondok. XD. So, changed direction and continue. WAhaha... After we returned to the dewan serbaguna, teacher asked us to lantik penghulu and penghuluwati. Shen Loong got the post as penghulu, while pn noorita's daughter was the penghuluwati [Actually, we all pakat-ed. Keith didn't wanna bcum penghulu (because wanna take care of his scouts?) and Hui En refused to become penghuluwati cz.. mafan?]. And because Shen Loong was penghulu, thus he had to give command in many situation. And everytime he did so, i was like "Whoa. i didn't know he can shout so loud. XD". Finally it was sleeping time~ wee~ But the tent was so hot.. in fact.. VERY HOT!! (u noe lar, i'm a person who cannot stand coldness than heat. I even have to wear sweater during tuition cz the air-cond is too powerful. XD. So if i say it is hot, it is VERY VERY HOT.) Ignoring the warning that we should stop talking and sleep at 1 o clock, we continued talking (from sy & men's tent to me & en's tent) until teacher passed by and said "tent no.18, potong 2 markah". OOps. But by the time Hui En was actually complaining that it was very hot in the tent. XD. Cz it was so hot, i think i only fall asleep at around 2. And woke up at 5 in the following morning (when i was half way dreaming. In fact, the dream was at climax ady, but just *poof*! gotta wake up... zzz). After rushing into the toilet, rebut for toilet with the others (like usual, eh?), we went to the dewan serbaguna and had the yoga session (?!) The guy was so funny la, the actions were like.. cannot be achieved by us one. U noe, the disks between vertebrae in our body lose they flexibility ady. XD. The next activity was senamrobic, which look more like line dancing (similar to what pn.reetha taught us last time.) After having our breakfast, we continued with 2 activities: bantu mula and pandu arah. For bantu mula, the PBSM and St.John ppls [Justina, Yoke Ling, Phaik Imm, Julia(eh, Ju is a pp wor. XD), and a few more]. So they showed some first aid thingies and we tried it out. I was the "victim" for the others to wrap my head & my hand. LOL. Do i looked like a victim eh? Oh btw, when teacher said "separate into yourself into 2 groups", immediately racism can be seen. =.=!! The Chinese and Indians were in a group while the Malays were in another group.. So obvious weih...Later on we went for pandu arah. I thought it would be something we learnt in girl guides, i.e. reading the signs made using stones or branches, but WTH, we were using compass. When that fella was giving a talk on the way to use the compass, i was seriously half-asleep. After that everyone went out and walked with one compass (?!) 40++ people and 1 compass. Imagine. So it was damn damn damn bored. The Malays were reading the compass lar, but few of us (the guides, scouts, st john...) were complaining about the camp. zzz.... Finally the boring boring session ends and we gathered in the dewan serbaguna once again. This time the teachers asked every badan beruniform to send 6 person for kraf perkhemahan.. if u were thinking that "aiya, girl guides can one de la, for them this is sap sap sui la, they can be the best next to scout.", then sorry to say, u are WRONG! > . < ! ! OK la, we do know how to do the ikatan (hey, even pn caroline said that "if u all didn't win, something must be wrong. gee..), but then, again it was time problem.. ARGH! Last time during Pesta Kepanduan we lost cz of time, and now we did the same mistake. Futhermore, our gadget was unstable.. (if only we got more time, then we could adjust the ikatan, since our ikatan seraya was quite loose. XD) So in the end we failed to complete 3 gadgets.. haih.. gotta work on this next time (do i have this chance?) Pertandingan memasak was after lunch. For us that didn't involve in the competition, we could discuss about the performance for malam kebudayaan in dewan tertutup. But me and yeen were not involved in the performance too, so we just lepak here and they, looking at the masak-team, helping teacher to take the costume for drama (like props eh? XD), etc..etc.. They guys were even funnier. They just lied down on the floor like sun-bathing. At we were standing up, talking to them who were lying down. LOL. Weird angle. XD Btw, the rice mandy and the others made looked nice, but Pn Ong said it was tasteless wor.. dono la.. Later on we had our activity moral again. And guess what teachers brought for us? ICE-CREAM~~~!!! wee~ So i had a mini-cornetto.. yay~ After that we went to have our own cooking session in kumpulan. Again, when it came to kumpulan, i hardly had semangat. So i just helped to lilit the roti lilit and went to observe the others. Oh ya, the dishes that teachers asked us to prepare were ikan bakar and roti lilit. Our roti was ok, but the ikan bakar. OMG. i couldn't possibly eat that! Apparently when they cucuk the fish, they did not do so properly, and the fish just drop out from the stick, with its head and body separated (oh.. what a poor fishy~) And guess what the others did after that? they just throw the whole fish on the charcoal! WTH! You tell me, how could i eat that? You tell me! Eww.. So i just walked away and went to the other groups. o.O! Shen Loong's group did a very special way of cooking. XD. But i didn't bring my cam along, so i didn't capture it down. =P Btw, phew, what we cooked was not what our dinner was. So after taking our dinner in canteen, we went to have our bath. Hell. Hell. Hell. It was so packed. I thought that we do not need to wait for so long since there was less people this time. But the funny thing is, i get to bath for the last 2 years, but not this year. So stupid lar. i waited and waited and finally fed up. > . < !! So i just changed my clothes and went for morale session. Damn la. Anyway, the moral session was conducted by Pn Caroline's sister. At 1st we were wondering why lar this 2 person's voices were so similar (in fact, is the same!) and finally we found out that they were sisters. We were given 15 minutes to plan out a sketch and my group (me, marcus, joshua, elaine, chay fhei, and one police guy) presented something about drugs (SYABU~). Our groups got the lowest mark, but according to them, the lowest mark= the best group (itzit so? anyone who is reading this plz tell me~ ^^). Anyway this was not the important one, the main drama was later during malam kebudayaan! Hey, i must say here that the juniors (or, rather what Hui En preferred to call, the CHIBI-s) had talent in acting! Esp Wei Siene & Joanne. As for Yin Shan, the character in the drama was like specially made for her (exactly like her). And Yin Xuan was the cute lil devil. Haha.. Our drama was really funny and due to that we got 1st! horray for us~

Here comes the 2nd night walk in the camp. This time we would be bring to one place and placed at one spot alone for like.. 45 minutes? But we knew that we were not alone. Because someone near me coughed, followed by me, and followed by another person near me. LOL. Oh ya, the teachers tried to do some sound effects to scare us like evil laughs (lol?), banging doors, or even tickle us with leaves. LOL. It was so not scary. Beside, if i didn't hear all these sorts of sound, i can just sleep there and there~And hmm.. the teachers said someone saw something in the guys toilet and asked them to be careful. o.O? At about 1am, finally teachers released us to sleep~ wee~ And i got night shift at 4-5am. So overall, i slept for 3 hours only, for the 2nd night.

Btw, we didn't actually ronda during night shift. We (me, mandy, elaine, joanne) were actually listening to the snoring sounds made by the others. XD. yeah. so bad. wakaka. We sat down in the khemah urusetia, eating teacher's marble cake (yummy.. yummy..) and talked about ghost stories (ghost stories. midnight. school compound. see the relationship?) We talked about the ghost tv-programme "guai tan", about ghost stories during last year's camp, etc etc. I even conteng-ed teacher's newspaper at the sudoku section. XD And because we woke up early, when the teachers made the "morning call", we were the 1st to go to the toilet. yay! no need to rebut-rebut! XD. After that was another funny yoga and senamrobik session. After that it was time to pack pack pack! wohho~ time to go home~ Girl Guides were ordered to wash the girl toilet, but when we (me, mandy, sheen yeen) were back from throwing the cardboards, everything was done. haha.. Oh btw, we just knew that one of the Leng lui teacher in afternoon session was our girl guide teacher! And she was so pro in bio~ Too bad she was still new and did not have the right to choose course, or else we would ask her to teach us bio. =D. 4 form5 fellas talking about Meiosis and Mitosis with a bio teacher in the camp. LOL.

After waiting for so long, here comes the Majlis penutup! Like last year, i almost slept during the ucapan. =.=!! Too sleepy ady mah.... we got no.3 overall, but no hampers for that (not enough participants=not enougt budget. wakaka) After the majlis still got silat and taekwando performance. I didn't know silat can be so.. yeng? And i missed my time while practising taekwando in khe beng while watching the performance. I forgot everything i learnt in taekwando. Anyone believes that i am having black-belt? A black-belt that knows nothing. nyahaha..Took some photos after that and chao after taking out lunch~ I AM BACK!

*sleepy*. Finally, i finished the story. Thanks for those that read until here. HOHOHO.

Btw, Sheen Yeen, what happend to our camp T-shirt eh?