Holiday Updatez 2

*Currently at, listening to the others wasting time in the room with 2 mic. XD*

Dear blog readers,
Miss ET will be away for 1 week from sunday onwards.
Hence, there will not be any update for this blog for next whole week
But u can spam the c-box if u wan. LOL

Oh ya.. the number of my sms-es of May finally exceed 200. LOLx. Long time didn't sms that much since.. form2?! It's so hard for me to exceed 200 for A MONTH. Audrey, tell me how u sms 200 times in a day? And how those ppl sms 2000-3000 sms a week?!

Why Miss ET will be away for one whole week?
Cz i gotta go back to hometown for A WHOLE WEEK!!!

i'll miss my computer..
i'll miss my blog...
i'll miss all my friends, my blog readers....
i'll miss meetoto (even though somehow it's just wasting my time. xD)
i'll miss.. what else?

But look at the bright side..
if i go back,
i MAY have the chance to go to my mom's old hometown to gotong royong (kerja amal!! XD)
and i can visit my cute cousins~ yay~

But still. one whole week.....omg. ..... >.<

Anyone who got enough credit please sms me. XD jkjk...

*i cannot concentrate blogging cz i was at meetoto at the same time. =.=*