Hmm.. slacking....>.<

ok.. ok.. tmr is moral & est exam.. But i just had my dinner, still not in the mood to study.. So let me crap something in here..

today's exam:

Bio: AHHH.. the moral of the story: LISTEN AND BELIEVE IN THE TIPS GIVEN BY TEACHER. When teacher said that only that 4 chapters are coming out, I couldn't believe that, and i thought it would be for essay only.. so.. i spent almost my whole Sunday studying the other chapter.. Now thinking back again... IF ONLY I CAN COMFIRM THAT ONLY THAT 4 BLOODY CHAPTERS ARE COMING OUT, I WOULD USE THAT SUNDAY TO S-L-E-E-P!!! > .< ! ! Chinese: From 5th of May until now, this paper sux the most. SUX! It was worst than Chemistry. I doubt that the teacher purpously made it so damn hard cuz we always ponteng his class.. (peace.. =.=v).. I really fed up while doing the paper. ugh. Why i choose to take this subject in SPM?

Account: This is the most "physically-tiring" paper. =.=!! First of all, we have to stay back to take the exam, and i was quite tired that time. And then, at 1st we thought that the exam would be held in 5Sc4, but the class was locked. So we have to run up and down to look for teacher and the right classroom. And teacher was late to the class, causing the exam to delay. I forgot how to count Hutang Ragu!! I add up the previous one and the new one. =.=!! This is what happend when i didn't revise......

Hmm..That's all. Hope i dont need to sleep late and wake up early today.

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