Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan

hmm.. actually, overall, nothing special happend. Reached school at 7++ am and the school was so quiet.. ugh.. So i got nothing to do and walked around to read the club's notice board. Ah oh ya, guess what, i discovered an unknown chemical reaction. Apparently the AJKs name on the AJK list of Pandu Puteri Remaja dissapeared. Wondering wth am i talking about? It was hard to explain here. Remind me to show u in the school if u are interested. LOL

So i waited and waited for Mandy and Sheen Yeen to arrived. I thought the scouts will be performing something, but i didn't hear any "kawad-sound" also. =.=!! teacher keep on asking us to stay in the dewan tertutup. Damn bored. So we ignored that and sneaked out. LOL. We came to school to take our cert and medal, not to be confined like a prisoner. =.=

Anyway, because it was too bored in the room, i started to study sejarah. ugh. like i want to. I slept quite late yesterday and my brain, obviously, was not ready for any "memorising-process". So not any longer i opened to book, i felt headache. DONT CARE LA.. SLEEP ONLY... >.<

So we waited and waited until 9++am (wth. the thing start at 9 and they asked us to come at 7++. zzz) and finally the ceremony begans. Anyway, they just simply give the medals aways inaccording to name. So, i had to go around and around to search for my kolian medal of Bahasa Cina. And Justina was having the same problem too. Finally i know that our medal were sobbing silently in the box when i found them in bilik seminar. LOL

And here is me and my medals~

The yellow one is No.1 for 4sc1. The pink colour ones are for the subjects, i.e. bio, chem, phy, sej, moral, BC, and maths

ok la.. you may say i lanc ady.. but then o.. not that every year i'll have the oppurtunity to get 8 medals.. so.. forgive me bah.. =__=!Me on stage. But obviously cannot see my face la. =_______=!!

oh yea.. if teacher's intention of having this anugerah thingy b4 mid term is to motivate us to study, i can tell the teachers that they are wrong..


Today is Project SuperStar's finale~ 8.30pm - 12pm, on 8tv~

And even though i cannot finish studying BAB5 of sejarah F5 today, i'll still watch the show. LOL.