Chemisty.. And the TIME.

Thurday evening, around 5: last line of words in the msg to peh ge :"chemical bond! ionic bond!"

At night, around 7/8: one of the line of words in the msg to sheen yeen: "cathode! anode!"

8.10. Headache. Slept until 9.30 (but half of the time i am actually wasting my time rolling on my bed. LOL.)

9.30: continue to study.. Acid & bases.. bla bla..

12++(very sleepy ady): activation energy! effective collision! Argh!

5++am in Friday moring: (no time liao! argh!) alkane.. alkene..

6am, before having breakfast: ethanol!! ethanoic acid!!!

After breakfast: ester ester ester..

reached school: fat.. oil.. suddenly someone say rubber coming out. SEI!

at tapak perhimpunan.. in class : rubber rubber rubber rubber.. NONONO!!!

At last. i started to do the exam without studying chapter9 of form4.
Luckily only 1/2 questions from that chapter in paper 1..

but overall. PAPER2 sux. ugh...
And i was having headache right after paper2.
Go out from the classroom, without bringing any books, not because i'm too pro (like i am. >. < ),
but just wanna get some fresh air.

But how can i possibly get FRESH air when i'm sitting in front of the GUY'S TOILET?

Anyway. it's over. Let's look at next week's subject. BIO! PHYSICS! OMG!!

i'm going to have brain cancer if i carry out this kinda life for the whole year...