Boring day in da school..

Because of 1+1=1..
Because of " - " become " + " or vice versa...
Because i LEFT OUT question 9(c) in add maths paper2...

Because of "one to many" relation..
Because the i created my own formula for Area of Sector (2 version tim..)...


Ok. Fine. The more i talk about it, the more i feel geram. ish.

Today we took our class photo. Later on we went out to the grassy area beside our class to take some photo for the class/ school mag. Overall these are my comments for the whole day:

  • The candid was wasted. We didn't plan properly, again.
  • The club's photos were more like craps. Cz those that not involved in the club just go in and took the photo together. In the end we would be seeing their face in every single page of school mag for the "kelab dan persatuan" section.
  • Only managed to take 1 group photo for guys and 1 for girls. All elek semangat. Again we didn't plan it properly. And the situation become worst after teacher distributed the add maths exam paper. Ohhh...
  • I felt regret for taking Chinese for SPM. Em. It doesn't mean i wanna "backstab" my own mother language. The gov are making the marks to get an A1 so high. I truly respect those 1.xx% of Malaysian that got A1 for Chinese in SPM last year.
  • It was a boring boring and boring day in school, after all
Hmm. Btw, here are some photos to be shared:
Sheen Yeen short short... hohoho~ [hm. i'm not suppose to laugh right? Again i stood at the side in this year's class photo. > . < !! Apala.. Why Dino-Ankey is not in our class? XD]

Guys with their la-la pose. Aww.. so cute.. XD

Erm. what kinda formation is this? =D

Ahh.. the guys with their own formation?! wasted la.. i watched from the top, not from the side, cannot see the "hole" . LOL.

Hmm. i think that's all for today. There are lots more of blur-faced photo, anyone interested please pass ur pendrive to me. XD. Oh yea, b4 i end the post. Try out the New Friend Test. Hohoho... =D