Blog Header

Hmm.. was trying to search for a nice blog header.
Anyone has any recommendation?

Even though this one (the rainbow) is different with the previous one but i actually used it for few days when i just started the blog.

And not that i'm bored with my previous one, but everything need to change
"if u wanna make the world. a better place, take a look at yourself, and make a. CHANGE~!!"
ok..ok.. i'll stop it. I sang that song so many time until my own brothers can sing along with me (and they are very tired of this so called "bloody song" to them)
Wondering what song is that? 4 those who are not in choir, this is "Man In The Mirror" by Michael Jackson. LOL)
oops. i'm getting way off the topic.

so, to my dear blog readers,
help me to get a nice & cool Blog Header ya~ (probably, a colourful and teenage-style one. HOHOHO..)

thx~ ^^