I should be sleeping now or finish reading Book6 of mediator series.. But i just feel like online after watching SuperStar3 Result Show. This time, the result is really really REALLY a big SHOCK to me..

Will is no longer in the competition!!!
He got the voice..
He got the style..
He got the look..
He's so cool!!

and yet, he's out.. T.T
Many think that Eddie and Adrian are the good-looking ones but i think they look weird..
Instead, WILL is far more better...

If the only GUY that can sing in the competition (Hau) is out for the next round, i'll give out watching this stupid competition...
Singing competition that only produce good-looking singer that cannot sing very well?
wth is this weih..... >.< !! Hope the history of SuperStar 2 won't repeat again.. *finish expressing.. time to sleep.. chao... zZZ