Physicz Quiz... [finally]

Before i start, allow me to leave some poo 1st:
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ok..ok.. cut the crap... let's continue with the real story..

Hmm.. the story started in Thursday's morning. We went to the school by Pn Leong's car. And guess which school did i went to? SMAT Hisshamuddin! lol! After 2 busy weeks, here i come again!! [did i mentioned that i went to the SAME school for Pesta Kepanduan? =P] Anyway, teacher's attention was distracted by Ji Kin's optical-fibre-talk until she turned into the wrong road and went back to Kota Kemuning again. Lol! At 1st i was still paying attention to the optical fibre thingy, but since i hadn't finish revising (like i said, i only knew about the quiz on the day BEFORE THE QUIZ. last minute eh?), i was busy locking my eyes on the lines of words in Physic Success book. Luckily teacher took the highway. Or else, i would just thrown up my breakfast in Pn. Leong's Honda Accord. =.=

As well as we reached there, we took our sit and waited for the question papers to be given out. Overall the questions were OK and i managed to answer all, whether or not i tembak some of them. Hey, more than half of the questions were in objectives, so dont waste the advantage of having objective questions!! XD.. After that, we leave the hall and went to canteen. Luckily i brought the Book6 of Mediator series so that i can spent the long half and hour rest wisely(even though, in fact, i only managed to finish the 1st 2 chapters. lol).

One more thing: this physics quiz didn't had any suspense effect on me. As i put on my glasses after we entred the hall again, i saw both me and Ji Kin's names on the screen. So i just turned at him at said, "i think we are selected as the top-8". lol. So... za dao... =.=!! Anyway, they selected the top-8 students in order to proceed into the next round, which is where you have to show the answers immediately when the time is up. However, i was on of the three students who had the same marks, and so i have to compete with them again in order to place myself in the top8's [there were 9 of us but there were only 8 placings.] Due to some reasons(whether because the questions were too weird, or three of us were too panic), none of us can get the correct answers for.. about 10 questions..?! And all these were driving the teachers mad..(somehow, they are facing a big problem: out of questions to be asked) haha..... Well anyway, FINALLY this was over can fortunately, i'd been chosen..

The next round of quiz consisted of two sections: Objective (3 marks for correct answer, -1 for wrong answer) and subjective (4 marks for correct answer, -2 marks for worng answer..) No marks will be deducted if you choose not to answer. And what's my purpose of making the word "2 marks" bolded? Because this PARTICULAR RULE KILLED ME. Apparently, after answering 2 subjective questions wrongly, i gave up and stop answering the following questions which require complex calculations. You know la.. it's very ugly to have a negative sign in front of your marks. And not that i could become the winner after risking my "life", when the champion's marks was.. 20++ and mine was.. 2?! Wth.. >.<

After the boring boring and boring section.. (i regarded that section as "boring" b'cz i really feel like sleeping when i gave fact, i was doodling on the working papers.. >.<), finally they announced the winners. Once again, no suspense. We got 2nd for group and both of us got saguhati for individual. Ji Kin was quite geram because without the 2nd round, he would be at 3rd place, having a nicer trophy, instead of "saguhati". hahaaaa....

So that's all for the updates. I predict that i will not be updating the blog in these few days because i have to stay in school from 7am to 6.40 pm. cool eh? i think this is what meant by "school is your 2nd home", when u actually spent more time in school than in your own cozy room, canceling out your nap time. I better bring a pillow with me to school tommorow.. haih....

~ Cheerz & Smilez ~