Our JENG choir.. XD

After all the stay-back-for-almost-one-whole-week-i-wanna-go-home choir practises, finally the day comes. It's choir competition today!! Reached school at almost 6.45, with the fried-egg-bread + spicy tuna churning in my stomach [aww.. they are suppose to be in the no-no list..but who cares? XD]. Once i stepped out from the car, i realise something wrong: the SHOES. Yeah, that "pointy" high heels was making me feeling very uncomfortable, even though just for few steps. >.<.. But luckily Pn Ong brought another pair of shoes (still a pair of high heels, but it was better than the previous one..), and i changed into it. But hey, it doesn't make make much diffrence, since at the end of the day, I HAVE BLISTER ON MY TOES. gosh...

So, we "buka-suara" while some busy applying make-ups on their face. And again, it doesn't make much diffrence on me, as it is my habit to rub my eyes when i'm tired, and the eye-shadow just gone like that b4 we started the competition. LOL. Finally the bus reached and we headed to the bus CAREFULLY with our high heels. >.< And we practised in the bus with the red bean bread stucking somewhere between our teeth. XD

This time, we were competing in SMK Dato Hamzah, which i don't know why, gave me a feeling that it has similarity with SMAT Hishammudin. Maybe it was because of the hall and the position of toilets. XD. And oh ya, we saw Khe Beng students there~ One of the school teacher was there, and she couldn't recognise us, as we grow up ady (wahaha..). We too saw the choir teacher that we (those that joined khe beng's choir team b4) used to hate so much. In fact, he looks older but still that yong sui. Okie, even though he can train the student very well, i just hate his attitude. C'mon, who can possibly LOVE a teacher that like to use the word MORON to scold his students (plus, commented that my voice sounds like SHYT b4). Ugh.

Ignoring all these, we went to the basketball court (which located near to the smelly garbage bin.. @.@) and practised. At the same time, we were trying to get the oppurtunity to sneak to the hall and watch khe beng's performance (Primary school compete b4 us). But too bad, when i reached the hall, khe beng just finished their turn. Aiks. Wasted.. >.< Oh btw, the distance between the hall and the basketball court was so far away for me FOR TODAY as i have to walk in the bloody shoes. And, ahha, i walked like a penguin as i was not use to it. Hui Jing and Yee Ying were busy training me to walk IN LINE and LIKE A WOMEN. XD..

Soon, the primary school finished their turn, and KHE BENG got no.1~ wohoo~ cheer for our juniors~~!!.. wahaha.. And "deng deng", the most important momment finally came. We were the 2nd group, and it was consider quite infront. Well anyway, we took a deep breathe, prayed hard and went on the stage.

1st: Bow. I didn't realise that there was anything wrong until i looked back in the photo taken by Nurul, our cute camera girl. LOL. Apparently some miscommunication happend between Rachel and Tommy (and Joshua) as they bowed at the wrong time. LOL. The photo was realy funny.. XD

2nd: Our Malay song: Dirgahayu Tanah Airku. The parts were there, and we were actually not that worry about this song, but DONT KNOW WHY, the tempo was OFF. Normally when we practised, everything was OK, but the tempo just went off this time. Aiks. But we just have to keep smiling and dont show the oh-oh-we-are-wrong face.

3rd: Man in the Mirror. Ahhhh... the part that we afraid the most: it's gonna feel real good was not 100% correct even though we tried to get the key.. Ahh.. We got it during the practise de!!! And as we normally practised without the piano, and out of the sudden we were using piano during the competition, we were confused. It sounded like not matching. But whatever la. Just finish the song and that's all.

After that, we ended our performance and headed back to our sit to watch the others performance. And we were like "uh-uh, tempo tempo!! " but Gynette said it was OK wor. Ahh.. So anyway, just continue watching the others. MGS's was nice. I espeacially like the part when they went from soft to loud. Some say Convent was "kia-shu" cz they took the songs that they sang on previous years. ACS one was..er..really not prepared?! Cz they were peeping at the lyrics. LOL. And some of the school's song was flat as there was no dynamics....

Whatever it was, what we were truly concern was the RESULT.. All of us was so eager to know the result.. As we waited with the heart pumping against the chese like hell, they announced "pasukan koir yang mendapat tempat ketiga ialah... SMK.. Bukit.. KEMUNING!" At the next momment, we can't hear what the others was talking about, because we were screaming like hell. SCREAM!!!! Everyone was so excited... Hahah.. And b4 we truly come down (after they announced 2nd as convent and 1st as MGS), they go "konduktor yang terbaik ialah.. konduktor dari SMK.. BUKIT KEMUNING!!!! " WAHHHHH!!! Immediately we screamed again, this time was for rachel!!! hahaaaa~ We were so excited and happy that we took so many photos with stupid pose on the stage. LOL.

Ahh~ there goes my day~ And guess what, some of them said our english song was better than BM song.. we was like.. WHAT? haha.. but whatever it is, we won! yay~ and we sang song in the bus once again, like usual.. haha~~



Jeng? JENG!! =D