A lil extra info:

A lil bit info to be shared:
* Our school got 2nd in sejarah quiz
* our school got 2nd in account quiz

I feel kinda proud to be a SMKBK student these days.
I feel more proud to be a 5 Science 1 student...

You see ah..

Our class got the main AJKs for Girl guides, Scouts and BSMM.
Our class took part in choir, kawad, add maths quiz, physics quiz, maths quiz, agama quiz, sejarah quiz, drama, debate, chess, sports day, NiE, Olympiad Maths, basketball, merentas desa MSSD, etc..etc..


Whoever who calls 5 Science 1 as a book-worm-only-know-how-to-study-nerdy class,
I’m so gonna strangle that person. Wahaha...