Hari Sukan.. woo~

After having kawad practise for almost the one whole week, finally it is Sports Day~~!! wohooo~

Ghostly photo taken in the bus on the way to the stadium. Apparently i was using the night mode since it was quite dark in the bus, but too bad my hand shook everytime at the moment i took the photos. And you know lar, it requires more time to take a photo in night mode, so bla bla bla, the photo came out like this.. >.<

~the stadium~

the stadium in the early morning

yay~ the girl guides involved in marching (exp Mandy, haha).. Can you see the sepanduk?

ahha! Here is a better look of it. This is the 3rd year i'm involved in decorating the sepanduk, and i think this is the best sepanduk compared to the previous years. Photo taken in my house. [paixe la, last year liao, i dont think i'll have the chance to decorate sepanduk anymore, so let me "chuan" for awhile. XD]

Gee, everyone was buzy stuffing the "chocolaty twiggies" into their mouth. Oh guess what, i just have American Chocalate Cake as my breakfast. So after i ate the Twiggies, my whole stomach are somehow filled with chocalate.. owH... Later on i had 1 and a half cups of 100 plus and half packet of the nasi lemak.. Asyik makan saje.. > . < ! !

The Statue Marcus. Or more precisely, The Poor Statue Marcus, as he was distracted by the others using straw (as shown in the photo, look at what keith is doing..). Besides that, they tried to unzip his pants (omg..), unbutton his shirt, and so on.. LOL!!!

erm.. TOILET? Nah nah nah... this is NOT my idea OK.. What i did was just asking "why the are scouts looking in that directions?" and someone else said "lol, they look like they are in the TOILET..." ROFL!!!! and someone else said, "yeah.. esp the blue colour bag one.. " (only thing is she didn't say "the blue colour bag one", she said the name of the owner) siapa tu? tau tau saje... XD...NA NA NA.. not i say one ok.. i took the picture and put some discription on it, that's all.. wakkaka..... XD

And look at the last photo.. it was really REALLY SUNNY out there... By the time i look at my image in the mirror once i reached home, omigosh, i'm so red.. ahhhh... gotta get tanned again.. oops... (somemore i didn't bother to put sunblock.. XD)

The worst part of the day is the BUS.. In fact i was getting very impatient while waiting for the bus... it was so HOT and the bus was so SLOW... ahhhhhh... >.<.. we (me, yasmin and shaunie, the sesat-ed pandu puteri) actually planned to follow the scouts in the last trip, but teacher insisted that we go for the 3rd trip. So we have to cram into the bus as shown as the photo below:

hmm.. OK.. maybe u couldn't feel the "cram-ness" in the bus because what u can see are armpits.. LOL.. (reminds me of the song rachel sang "Under my armpit lar, pit lar, pit lar, pit, pit, pit.... XD)


* * the end * *