Happy Birthday to Sheen Yeen~ woo~

wahaha.. i was waiting for the clock to struck 12 so i can wish my dear dear La Gong a big Happy Birthday!! Woo~ and this is wad i did while waiting in front of the computer:

o.O.. Sheen Yeen, if u r reading this.. tell u what.. BE PROUD!! cz u r the 1st person that i give out "Miss ET Sdn Bhd" bday greeting cards. woo~ snoopy to go~~~ and owe u yr present 1st.. i'm still trying to get something nice related to snoopy... still that old sentence: OLD ADY LA, STOP BRINGING UR SNOOPY WATER BOTTLE AROUD, IT LOOKS SO KINERGARDENISH!!!!! WAHAHAHAHA... XD *evil laughs*...

Ahh.. 12++ liao.. gotta sleep.. chao~