FRIM here i come ! ! ! !

After waiting so long for an off-day, finally i can forget about homeworks and school activities (even though, just for awhile) and have fun!! Wohoo~!! We went to FRIM on Tuesday, and most of those who were involved are from 5 Science 1 (according to Ariel, less than 10 person attended the class today. lol) So we waited for the bus in the morning until it was raining (we ALWAYS have to wait for bus.. WHY?), and spent some bored momments on the way to FRIM. As well as we reached there, the very 1st destination we headed to was.... the TOILET.. or to be exact, the GUY'S TOILET...(but only because there were no guys in the toilet at that time, duh... even though some guys claimed that some other school's girls were IN THE TOILET when they were pee-ing. LOLX!!) And not that we were so excited to use the guy's toilet. In fact, we were somehow being forced to do so since the girl's toilet were so crowded with the students form GIRL SCHOOL....

Ok..Ok.. let's not elaborate about TOILET.. (=.=!!) After having a nice visit to the toilet and captured some photos, the tour guide gave us a short briefing. Soon, we went to the first spot, the place where the so-called fossil located..

Ahha!! Men Men the Tree Stump found her ancestor~ Wohoo~ I am not so sure about the age of this tree stump, but another one, according to the tour guide, aged 1 million years old.. o.O.. whoa.. until a layer of silicon was formed on the surface of the tree stump. Cool..

After this, we started our real JOURNEY and the tour guide gave some explaination and infos on bamboos, grave yard (?!), tongkat ali, elephant tree and so on... Almost everyone started to sweat and i heard someone said "why was the tour guide not sweating?" Oh well, i used to have the same thought, but not after i saw this photo captured by Shaunie:


"KA LAT DAI"!!!! "KA LAT DAI"!!! "KA LAT DAI" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this was what we was laughing like hell during tuition. ROFL.. why so zhun one.... ????

Oh anyway, the thingy the tour guide was holding is some sorta roots, which is cute. And look at the photo above.. It reminds me of the sweat gland.. > . < ! ! [FRIM is about plants; plants are something gotta do with BIO.. YEAH~]

And of course, there are some fabulous sights in nature. Look at this!! The leaves formed such a special pattern that there's actually "boundary lines" between the leaves of one tree to another.. And this pattern looks like.. BROCCOLI... [eww... broccoli.. YUCK!!]

Oh ya, before i forgot, Audrey was very busy on that day, coz she was SO BUSY CHECKING FOR LEECH on the path we took.. o.O.. And she was really sensitive to those kinda wriggly stuffs (she's afraid of leech not because that the leech will suck her blood, but because the leech's structure is very "geli". LOL) And we (me, shaunie, marcus, and kuan hoe, perhaphs) took turn to take care of her.. =D
Beside that, we realise that the insects in the jungle were relatively big in size. For example:
The gigantic ants. Found on the tree stump near the elephant tree..

And the big big beetle.. o.O..

We went for jungle trekking again before we reach the pondok of canopy-walk. And oh ya, everyone was sweating like hell. LOLx. So we waited for the students from another school to finish their turn before we started our "shaky-journey". =D
Photo taken during the walk, even though i'm not suppose to do so.. We are suppose to walk only, but not taking photos. But who cares? XD

Few of us on the 2nd platform. According the the signboard u can see in the photo, they only allow 8 persons on the platform. They were 6 of us in the photo, plus the camera-girl (Wun Yuen if not mistaken), it was just nice (in fact, one more person is welcomed.. ). XD
After all the screaming and yelling and cheering we did during the walk, finally we came down from the site. As we walked and walked with the tired look on our face, suddenly we saw the mini waterfall! Even though it was just a small one, but it was enough to make Audrey yelled in excitement. LOL. While me and Phaik Imm busy playing with the water, Jacky interruped and said "this is the dirty water flowing from up there worr.." And, immediately, we jerked away.. XD.. ya tak ya.. i never thought of that~
We finished the trekking at about 1pm, so we went to the big pondok to have our lunch- Chicken Rice. OK, even though people used to say "everything tastes nice when you are hungry", but frankly talking, the chicken rice sucks. The rice looks so delicious (like those they sell out there in the restaurants), but it was TASTELESS. >.<.. potongnya.. Everyone have the same comment about the food, except for Mandy who thought that the rice was nice.. She got a weird toungue.. XD
Next, we headed to the bus and said farewell to FRIM. Many was very exhauted and decided to have their nice nap in the bus, but NOT with Kenx and Joshua walking around with their Vid-Cam and camera, capturing the others' sleeping looks.. Hey, i am very alert, because i woke up when i knew they were doing so. XD (yay, i was not that blur after all.. >.<)
Group photo taken before everyone left (even though they were few that went home..) with the act-cute pose.. XD
And i shall conclude the journey with this photo:
Big sourvenior given by FRIM: a big red spot on my hand.
Damn the stupid leech..
i didn't realise it was enjoying sucking my blood until i saw it (cuz there was no feeling AT ALL..).
i should actually step on it until MY BLOOD squeezed out from ITS body.
Let it be the next poor-dead-bloody-"kemek-ed" leech we saw on the path we took.
p/s: why's words always tend to stick together even though i tried hard to prevent it from happening.............................