Bengkel Bengkel....

There were so many SPM held in this 2 weeks (probably, the coming week too). And, erm, maybe it's a good thing cz since i have to stayback for almost everyday in this 2 weeks (except for today. woo! finally i can have my lunch in home and have an evening belongs totally to myself. XD). And this is what i think about these talks:


o.O..The penceramah is one of the author of Form 4 sejarah text book. But according to Pn Reetha, he was very angry cz of the "pelajar yang pekak" from our school. lol. I didn't even have the energy to cover his voice during the talk. Because i nearly doze off during that time. Sad la, it was right after the Sports Day rehersal.. and i was so tired that time.. >.<>juruacara during the whole quiz. lol. And, erm, the teacher is trying to make story with his own name just to get our attention. lol?


Conducted by Pn Caroline. Overall it was OK. There were some important facts in the slide show, and our Technology-Savvy-Student here, Shaunie came out with the idea of asking teacher to save the whole slide in my pendrive. o.O. So this is one of the advantage of allowing my pendrive to go around like a poor homeless puppy. XD. But teacher said she'll print it out for us. It better be.


err.. what did that guy taught ady? wahaha.. i'm suffering with short-term memory lost.. XD.. But overall it was on the tecniques of writting a good essay..


ahha!! This was one of the "interesting" ones.. >.<... the teacher was talking SO FAST as if he cannot allow the silence to conquer the world for any second.. He just keep on talking and talking until u dont even have to time to talk crap with your friends.. and that teacher actually used the terms like "da bian[大便]" and "shen me gui[什么鬼]" in his conversation, zadao weih.. And he actually used some of the artist's name for the examples in the paper he gave us. Eventually, my Wu Chun died of hunger (like he will. Brunei is a rich country leh. And he owns a gym leh..) and S.H.E menyembah maharaja?! (wth weih.. )Lol.. and the "Ah wong" in the drama became a murderer.MURDERER? zadao kao kao..


This reminds me of the biscuit that the teacher wanna give away for those that can answer her questions. Lol. She's treating us like lil kids. And anyway, the name of the product is CHOCOLATE, but it doesn't have CHOCOLATE taste also. >.<...

Hmm.. i think that's all... It seems like there are still few more subject's bengkel to go... haih.....