Bday celebration~

After the account tuition on tuesday night, few of us went to SMC to celebrate sheen yeen's bday.. And the bday girl was late to the party cz she ter-slept.. XD.. So we waited for her and started the party around 10++.. and here's some photos to be shared:
Sheen Yeen (still look like xiao hai zi even though she's already 17.. XD) with her cake and the weird knife. lolx. The bday cake brought from Secret Recipe (the classified codes. lol. fun hunt...). Frankly, i think it doesn't worth RM70++. It tasted normal. (sorry la.. no offence.. but that's what i think..)the cake at the left is cut by mandy and another one is cut by tommy. And tommy INSISTED that he can cut cake better than mandy does. XD
Group photo. ^^
there are some SWEET photo of someone and someone, but i wouldn't upload it here. According to them, the story between this 2 person started long time ago. OK lorr, maybe i'm outdated. Or maybe i didn't go ba gua around too oftenly. wakaka...
And the bday girl has been teased too coz of a packet of CHIPSTER.. This is a funny story but since i expect u guys know what's happening, i'm lazy to repeat it here. Power of chipster, go go go... !!! XD... (always being teased. Long time didn't tease ppl liao. Rupa-rupanya teasing someone is so fun even though it may not be true. XD.. OK now i noe why u guys keep on calling me with that stupid nickname. LOL)
gtg.. gotta have my dinner soon and SIT DOWN TO STUDY AFTER THAT. Gosh, i'm going to do very bad in my mid term cz i'm really OUT OF TIME to study. Maybe i shouldn't make myself THAT busy.. it's kinda exhausting sometimes.. > . <
chao~ peace out~ ^^V