another emo day?!

Things are getting so weird today. First of all, i woke up with a mild headache. And the headache started since.. yesterday?! Sleeping seems to cure NOTHING. No matter how long i slept, i still feel THAT tired and THAT sleepy. Gosh.

Oh ya.. guess what.. I CRIED in school today. Yeah, i think the 1st time in my form5 life. There was some problems in our choir team. Certain ppl (i dont wanna mention who) just don't wanna give coorperation. Eventually, rachel was very stressed up and decided to quit choir. HOW COULD THE CHOIR TEAM CONTINUE WITHOUT HER? And since rachel just announce her decision so suddenly, nancy was very shocked and both of them just started to quarrel. Hmm.. maybe not quarrel, but just blurted out their feelings. So they talked and talked and talked and finally cried. And don't know why.. i started to weep also. lol.. i didn't cry for so long (even when i watched touching scenes in movie like.. CJ7?!), i didn't activate my tear glands for so long, and when i started to activate them, i couldn't control them anymore. My tears just kept on streaming down my cheeks.. omg...

But the worst part was not this. The worst part was, the black sheeps in choir didn't seems to realise anything. And guess wth did they said? "owh.. i never see girls fight b4.." "owh.. it's like a drama lar!" "owh.. she shouldn't this this this, she should that that that.." and WHATEVER. They never look at the problems at rachel's position. They didn't even know that they ARE the main reason of all these stuffs. All they know was being not serious during practises, being playful, didn't learn their parts, etc etc. I really cannot stand them, so i really CRIED.. Hui En was trying to suck her tears back (XD), shaunie cried cz she saw me crying.. (lol?) And Mandy was blaming herself for not being a good conductor (but she did try. She tried to distribute her time evenly for choir and cheerleading. And those black sheeps??). But after everything, now things between rachel and nancy are getting OK, and those CERTAIN PPL get warning from teacher.

Another thing. Teacher selected me and mandy for BIO quiz. ANOTHER QUIZ? ANOTHER STRESSFUL PERIOD!!! At 1st i thought is was on 16th of April, which is the upcoming wednesday, and i was like (omigosh. that's fast. i would have to burn the midnight oil AGAIN). And now, worst, the quiz will be held on 22nd April.. AND I'M SUPPOSE TO HAVE FUN AT FRIM ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY!! Why don't it be on 21st, or 24th, or 25th.. or whatever date besides 22nd of April (and 23rd of April. choir)???? > . < ! ! Besides, there was something else happend today. Well, apparently someone said that they heard zen jie said something like "choir team can still keep going without rachel", when he didn't even say anything like that b4. And that "someone" told pn.tay about it. So while talking with teacher (on the way while me and mandy loitering about the school compound..), she said she wanna talk to him and ask him about the truth. So, OK, both of me and mandy just passed the msg to him and ask him to talk to pn.tay. When him knew that he was being accused, he WAS VERY ANGRY. We could see that when he asked us "what did u heard on that day?" I mean, OK, if what he wanna do was just expressing his feelings of being accused, it was still acceptable. What I afraid of was (what me and mandy afraid of was) that he thought that WE were the ones who backstabbed him. BUT WE DID NOT! WE WERE JUST THE MESSENGER.. omg... Hope he really dont misunderstood... haih..haih..haih.. so many things happend today. Eventually during BIO, the brain i'd drawn looked more like a cauliflower and the spinal cord looked more like a seaweed (or whatever that the seahorse in SpongeBobSquarePants loves to eat). Partly because i was so not in the mood to work on anything, partly also because i was being attacked by pehge and jacky with the word "jikinting" in torrent. lol. (but it made me laughed, anyway.. haha....) In conclusion, i know what i need to release my stress: i dont need to cry anymore, i only need something or someone to make me laugh, that's all!! hahahaha..... (i realise this since the 1st monthly test, well..^^) to everyone, cheerz~~~!!!!! ^^V p/s: oh ya.. it's sports day tmr.. first time in smkbk's history that we are having sports day in stadium.. haha.. So i wanna bring camera there tmr~ yeah~ Girl guides and Scouts, GAMBATE!! (i support Scouts because Scouts and Girl Guides are suppose to be bro and sis, not because marcus keep on betting that Scouts will win and Girl Guides will lose. >.< ! ! ) Jia x5, Jia You~~!! wuuu... cannot online till too late tonight cz i have to reach school by 6.30 tmr. haha.. gotta go kawad practise soon. chao~ ^^